Rush Dates

  • Meet the Chapter Stephen's Lounge | 1/28 7:00pm
  • Social Mixer Free House Restaurant | 1/30 6:30pm
  • Professional Forum By Invitation | 2/05 7:00pm

Rush Information

Rush is a series of events open to all prospective pledges, designed for you to get to know our brothers and vice versa.

Our first event, Meet the Chapter, is a professional event in which you will learn about our chapter, what makes us unique from other business organizations on campus, and an overview of what it means to truly be a brother of Berkeley’s premier business organization. Here, you will be exposed to the history of our fraternity, the legacy of our brothers, and what we have accomplished in the nearly 90 years that we have been on the Berkeley campus. At Meet the Chapter, you will have an opportunity to speak with our actives, members, and even alumni to learn about our brotherhood and our culture.

The Social Mixer is a more relaxed gathering. Beta Alpha Psi extends beyond just a group of people with shared professional interests; we are close friends who form a tight knit brotherhood that continues after graduation. The primary purpose of the Mixer is for members and rushees to interact in a more casual setting and to see whether you can picture yourself as being part of our brotherhood.

In addition to the two aforementioned events, there will be Personal and Group interviews where we will be looking to assess your professional and academic abilities alongside your sense of leadership and teamwork. Interviews are by invitation only.

Finally, Rush will conclude with our Professional Forum, an opportunity to delve deeper into what it is like to work in different industries and to explore the various careers available. Alumni and members alike will host roundtables to discuss the expectations of recruiting and tasks while on the job. Professional Forum is by invitation only.

At the conclusion of Rush, a small group of outstanding individuals will be selected for our Pledging Program. Only upon completion of this process will pledges be initiated into our brotherhood.

Why Join Beta Alpha Psi?

Join the Brotherhood of a Lifetime

“Five … ten … fifteen years after graduation. You may have changed your career several times, moved to a different country, gotten married, passed through several life stages…and your brothers will still be some of your best friends.”

Network with Those Who Matter

Meet and network with recruiters and Beta Alpha Psi alumni across accounting, banking, consulting, entrepreneurship, etc. Beta Alpha Psi has strong relationships with many top-tier firms and hosts a variety of exclusive events throughout the semester for our members.

Put Yourself a Step Ahead

Gain access to many job opportunities from recruiters, alumni, and brothers. Through the current brothers and alumni, members have access to a wide network of support in getting internships and full time offers.

Discover Your Potential Both Academically and Professionally

Through the ten week pledging process and throughout your time as a member, Beta Alpha Psi aims to help our members discover which career path is right for you and then help you reach those goals.

Learn and Grow While Reaching Your Potential

We strive to foster members that are leaders in the business community here at Berkeley, developing leadership, social, and communication skills through our pledging program, case competitions, and leadership positions within the fraternity.

Alumni Testimonials

  • Eric Lun, 2014 | Investment Banking Analyst at J.P. Morgan

    Joining Beta Alpha Psi as a first semester freshmen was the best decision I made in college. Having just arrived in Berkeley from Hong Kong, I was unsure of what to be involved in on campus and what to pursue as a career. In BAP, I found both. I immediately bonded with my twelve pledge brothers, and discovered that my passion lay in finance through the pledging program. Since pledging, BAP has equipped me with the skills to land internships in financial advisory, private equity, and ultimately, investment banking at J.P. Morgan in their mergers and acquisitions group in New York. The resources and network available to you as a brother of BAP is unparalleled, and I cannot fathom achieving what I did without joining this fraternity.

    What I found to be the most important, however, are the friendships and bonds you build with the brothers. BAP has the luxury of picking some of the brightest and most driven students in UC Berkeley to join the fraternity. Being a part of this fraternity gave me the privilege to surround myself with some of the most impressive set of friends I can imagine, and these very same friends are the ones who stuck with me throughout my college career. I encourage you to get to know each of the current brothers, and discover whether you too would like to share the same experiences I had in college.

  • Dennis Rong, 2014 | Product Manager at Yelp

    The worst thing you can do with your undergraduate career at Cal is to be passive. If all you do is take classes and do homework without challenging the status quo, you will just be another face in the crowd. For me, pledging Beta Alpha Psi jarred me to the bone - the brothers forced me to question who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. The alumni helped me to realize the potential I have to influence the technological disruption in the world today.

    It does not matter what major you are, or what job title you want to get. BAP will help you get there. Do not think of us as a business fraternity, instead treat us as a family of contrarians. We think differently and do things differently than the world around us. We challenge ourselves each day to explore all the opportunities this world has to offer. We learn, grow, and support each other in the challenges life throws at us. And at the end of the day we are a family that you will have for the rest of your life.

    I know I'm extremely convincing, but don't let this be your only perspective. Go talk to some brothers. Make some friends. Let us help you figure out what you want to accomplish with your life. And at the end of the day, if you do decide to pledge Beta Alpha Psi, I would like to personally welcome you to our little band of overachievers - we're going to change the world.

  • Richard Kotite, 2013 | Associate Consultant at Bain & Co.

    Joining BAP as a freshman was one of the best decisions I’ve made. BAP gave me the confidence and drive to not automatically follow the business herd into the traditional fields, but to truly explore and delve into my passions. In my 4 years as a brother, I was able to learn about finance / accounting, work on live business cases, and develop my leadership abilities. However, more importantly, as a brother of the Lambda chapter I’ve learned that no matter how dynamic, fast-paced and globalized this world is becoming, I will always have a BAP brother on my side. Even now as I live half-way across the world, working on strategy projects across the Middle East, I still find myself actively engaged in the BAP community. Whether it is helping a Junior practice consulting cases or exploring Istanbul and Dubai, I’ve been able to remain involved as an alumnus of the fraternity. BAP is truly one of the few organizations on campus that can have a tremendous impact on not just your student life, but your post-Berkeley life, regardless of where your passions might take you.

  • Michael Chang, 2012 | Private Equity Associate at Levine Leichtman Capital Partners

    The pace of the world has dramatically evolved in recent years. From technology and healthcare to the way people interact with each other in business and school, industries and human interaction is developing at an ever-increasing speed.

    UC Berkeley Beta Alpha Psi is a driver of progress in all these arenas.

    In order to remain competitive and successful, I joined a brotherhood that sought to exceed expectations and deliver results. You will find that there is no other organization in UC Berkeley that prepares you for life during and after college as well as BAP. I underwent business development through case training and in-depth preparation for career development through a variety of mock materials all while participating in extracurricular activities held by the fraternity. All of this development is applicable to whatever you may choose to do in the future. Although I took the investment-banking track, many of my brothers pursued other careers that had meaningful impacts upon their lives and the lives of others.

    This is what is particularly unique about us. Our diversity means that you have many options.

    From exploring technology giants like Facebook to investment banking at Morgan Stanley to healthcare at Leerink Swann, I was able to gain significant exposure to many different industries. More importantly, I was able to work at these places to gain real experience rather than just reading about them. The options that are available to you are not only bountiful but also top-notch in every industry. Since joining as a freshman, my journey in Beta Alpha Psi has been one of life-long friendships, lots of fun, and top-notch job offers. I strongly urge those who are looking for life-long friends and success in their careers to join an organization that has it all.

  • Sagar Gupta, 2010 | Technology Analyst at Balyasny Asset Management

    How do you define “success”? And how do you go about achieving it? As you enter and navigate through Berkeley, you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery. For me, Beta Alpha Psi was a vital part of this process.

    You will be most successful in where your true interests lie. Forget the fads and drop the hype. What do you want to do with your life? That is the most important question at hand, and this is what we at BAP will continuously stress at Rush events. We aim to provide the platform for you to learn about all aspects of business thus enabling you to find your passion. We have consultants, artists, entrepreneurs, financiers, and engineers. Being able to closely interact with a diverse group of talented people not only broadens your worldview, but helps you establish lifelong friendships—an unparalleled network of fun people doing amazing things all over the world.

    Early on, with the support of my alumni mentor and broader fraternity, BAP helped me discover my passion in finance. Members would spend countless hours teaching and training me, and alumni would provide invaluable insight on the inner workings of their respective firms. The fraternity then helped me secure internships at Citi, Blackstone, and a full-time job at UBS in their technology investment banking group. I currently work as a technology analyst at Balyasny Asset Management, a global multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

    Looking back, BAP has had such a tremendous impact on my life. Joining the fraternity was by far the best decision I made at Berkeley and to this day I am very proud to call myself a brother of the Lambda chapter.

  • Elaine Mao, 2010 | Associate, Sales Operations - Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

    It isn’t easy to put into words the impacts Beta Alpha Psi can have. The experience is vastly different for each brother, but few organizations boast so many unique and powerful stories and I urge you to discover each one.

    This fraternity does not simply give you the skills needed. Instead, it caters to you–nurturing your creative and professional interests while shaping character to ensure success in any future endeavor. The experience will be how you define it: The more you invest, the more you will gain. The brothers I met in Beta Alpha Psi are a few of the brightest and most driven people I know. I’ve seen first hand the ways this fraternity and its members help develop and polish each other’s talents to help one another actualize our goals in both professional and personal arenas. The commitment I found here is unparalleled to that of any other organization I encountered on campus, and it inspired me to be fully invested in my work with these brothers as well–even now after I have graduated.

    BAP did not just hone my business knowledge and leadership skills, it provided me the resources and network to translate them into real-world results. While the professional development has been critical for me, I am even more thankful for the ways my brothers challenged my limits to ensure my personal growth. It did help me land a number of internships and full-time offers, but the impact that Beta Alpha Psi had on me goes so much further beyond that.

  • Eric Rodriguez, 2009 | Product Manager at CapLinked

    My primary motivation for joining Beta Alpha Psi was my desire to become a smarter, more ambitious, and stronger person. The best way to accomplish such a goal is to surround and engage oneself with smart, ambitious, and genuine people. I have been involved in Beta Alpha Psi for six years now, and have observed countless stories of brothers achieving the same goal as mine.

    I can credit Beta Alpha Psi for giving me the confidence and skills to accomplish ambitious and unconventional goals. For example, I decided to enter the Bears Breaking Boundaries competition in 2009 with a proposal for a new class that I felt Haas should offer. Through perseverance, the class became a reality in 2010 and is now taught as “Strategic Philanthropy” (UGBA 192-N) in spring semesters.

    Beta Alpha Psi also gave me the confidence to take the leap into the restaurant industry, which is extremely uncommon for a Haas graduate. While a student, I worked at Restaurant Gary Danko and learned about the restaurant industry for two years. This experience came in handy for my transition into restaurant-oriented start-ups. I eventually went on to co-found Copilot, which raised VC funding and is successful to date, and I am now serving as an advisor for Copilot while working full-time as a product manager for CapLinked.

    It is no coincidence that I am still actively involved with Beta Alpha Psi six years after joining. The fraternity dramatically changed my life for the better, and this is my way of demonstrating appreciation.

  • Michael Heinrich, 2005 | Founder & CEO at Oh My Green!

    I wanted to provide not just your standard testimonial of “everything is great because of one organization,”–no, it really depends on you.

    Everything is as good as the energy you put into it. Be realistic with yourself and if you are passionate about something, do it. It’s your responsibility to let happiness and creativity unfold in your life and the lives you touch. Don’t worry about what others think or what type of firms they say you should be in, there are many paths to success.

    I was passionate about exploring the business world and Beta Alpha Psi has certainly prepared me well. After joining BAP, I received internships at Microsoft and at the JP Morgan New York mergers & acquisitions office. I’ve also received a research engagement at the Harvard Business School and a post-graduate associate consultant position at Bain & Co. After two years at Bain & Co. I was offered a position at Bridgewater Associates, a $72 billion macro strategy hedge fund. While at Berkeley, I led a group of fabulous BAP’ers to win the 2005 Cisco-Deloitte case competition.

    I didn’t enjoy the pledging process that much, but I did have some great memories and it’s essentially a business boot camp: if you are rusty in interviewing, presenting, defending your position, slide and model creation, you’ll learn quickly. I was impressed with all the support the alumni gave and how quickly I was able to refine and polish my social, interview and networking skills. Skills I have seen lacking even from many Haas graduates.

    The social circle at BAP is quite tight-knit and I keep in close contact with my fellow brothers. The best advice I can give is “know thyself” (inscribed at the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi), let life unfold, and let go of your ego. Try out crazy things, explore, live a fulfilled life. I have tried transcendental meditation, yoga, tai chi, kung fu, writing poetry, driving my car on a racetrack, have studied abroad in Florence, have visited amazing places, etc. It’s easy to forget the deep totality of life when you are sitting in your cube working on a pitch deck at 3am in the morning on a Sunday, burning away that last ounce of quadruple shot Starbucks you just had. Ask yourself if that is what you want out of life. Maybe you want to join or create a start up, maybe you want to invest in start ups, maybe you want to try a completely different industry like clean tech, or maybe you want to join a non-profit, or maybe you want to go to Business school right away, or maybe you do want to have a high energy investment banking position…there are no set-in-stone answers and you can certainly find people with multi-varied paths at BAP and a lifelong network. Have fun and if you so choose, make BAP part of that expression…

  • George Chen, 2002 | Affiliate at StillPoint Capital LLC

    Berkeley can be a chaotic and intimidating jungle. The same can be said of the business world, but with the help of Beta Alpha Psi I have had success in waging these battles. When I pledged Beta Alpha Psi, I was a teenager with a desire to be challenged, but not even sure if I wanted to stay at Berkeley and had applied to transfer to other universities. Despite being accepted to other prestigious undergraduate business programs, Beta Alpha Psi helped me decide to pursue my studies at Haas and get my foot in the door of Investment Banking. As an alumnus living outside of the Bay Area, I still stay involved in the Chapter’s progression and would strongly recommend Beta Alpha Psi as a valuable tool in your voyage into the daunting jungle.


What is the proper attire for rush?

Meet the Chapter: Business Casual
Mixer: Campus Casual
Personal/Group Interviews: Business Professional
Professional Forum: Business Professional

Campus casual refers to everyday clothing. Business casual typically consists of slacks in a dark color and a nice sweater or dress shirt. Ties are not required. Closed toe shoes are preferred, but nice sandals are suitable for women. Professional dress includes a dark suit, a dress shirt or sweater, and a tie for men.

Why is Beta Alpha Psi unique?

While all three of the business fraternities have similar goals for their members, there are many distinguishing factors that set us apart. Beta Alpha Psi encourages the pursuit of a diverse set of majors, and still maintains a strong track record of Haas acceptances with a 99% historical acceptance rate.

This leads our members to pursue a wide range of careers from the ABC’s (accounting, banking, and consulting) to entrepreneurship, engineering at top tech companies, and many more. We distinguish ourselves through intensity and excellence.

We do not try and funnel our members into one or a certain set of careers. One of the main goals of our pledging process is to help the pledges find their passion and then move forward to making that goal a reality.

What does the rushing process entail?

Rushees should try to attend as many rush events as possible including Meet the Chapter, Mixer, and both the personal and group interviews, to discover more about our Lambda Chapter while allowing us to discover more about each rushee.

Are all rush events mandatory?

Although not all of the rush events are mandatory, it is highly suggested that rushees attend as many as possible. These are the few opportunities to meet the members and make you stand out and make sure that we are the right fit for you. On the other side, we, as brothers of Beta Alpha Psi, want to make sure that you are a good fit for our brotherhood, so it is essential that you try your best to make it to each event.

What are the qualifications to become a pledge?

We are open to ALL MAJORS
We adhere to a strict 3.3 GPA requirement

I am a first semester freshmen, can I pledge Beta Alpha Psi?

Yes. We believe that we are able to distinguish exceptional candidates regardless of their amount of college and professional experience. Many of our most accomplished brothers pledged Beta Alpha Psi the fall semester of their freshman year, and have been offered opportunities usually given to older candidates. Beta Alpha Psi gives you all the resources to hit the ground running and really distinguish yourself amongst your peers at Berkeley.

How large is Beta Alpha Psi?

The Lambda Chapter at UC Berkeley maintains an exclusive membership of about 40-55 members each year. Internationally, Beta Alpha Psi has over 300,000 active members.

Why are alumni connections so important?

Beta Alpha Psi would not uphold the business leverage, strength, and reputation it wields today without the continued support of our alumni. These individuals represent the top firms in every single field including banking, consulting, accounting, and beyond. Our alumni frequently participate in both on-campus and off-campus activities to further our business education and knowledge while providing unique, exclusive career opportunities for our brothers, thus vitally improving our organization.