Radhika Singh
  • Class
  • Major
    Intended Public Health and Economics
  • Minor
    Public Policy
  • Hometown
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Campus Involvements
    Berkeley Women in Business
  • Career Interests
    Consulting, Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Product Management


Radhika is a freshman pursuing degrees in Economics and Public Health. She was born in Philadelphia and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Radhika is interested in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry and hopes to pursue a career related to those industries in the future. In high school, she was heavily involved in volunteer work through non-profits, played field hockey and lacrosse, and was an active member of student government. In her free time, Radhika loves to read, run, watch horror movies, scroll through fashion-related Instagram accounts, and eat too much ice cream.