Alex Le-Tu
  • Class
  • Major
    Computer Science
  • Hometown
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Campus Involvements
    Lab Assistant 61B
    Delta Chi Fraternity
  • Career Interests
    Tech (ML and AI), Education


Course Reader
Course Hero
Campus Representative/Marketing Intern
UC Berkeley EE16A Staff
Course Reader
UC Berkeley CS70 Staff
Teaching Assistant
Top College Admissions
College consultant/Tutor
East Cobb Test Prep
Crave Japan
Marketing Intern

Alex is a third year, currently majoring in Computer Science. He was born in Buffalo, New York, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia attending Walton High School. He was an active leader in business clubs and tutoring services. Outside of school, he is also a member of the Delta Chi Social Fraternity. In his spare time he likes exploring food options and catching up on TV shows. After graduation, he hopes to stay within the bay area, working for tech firms or startups.